Spetses Cavo Sereno

6.674 sq.ft
376.737 sq.ft
USD 16.568.203
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Cavo Sereno
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Spetses Cavo Sereno, Spetses, Attica, 18050

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A truly magical and fascinating experience that can fulfill a living dream is found among the wilderness of this cape in one of the most popular and idyllic islands.
The property features its own two private docks for yachts and challenges you to access luxurious and cosmopolitan destinations in the vicinity, such as Porto Heli, Hydra and the coast of Peloponnese. Immerse yourself to swimming in the two private and secluded beaches and take your mind away from all troubles while listening to the whispers of the sea. Lose yourself amongst the smells of tall coniferous trees and ornamental flowers that complete this lush mediterranean garden.
The property challenges you to invite friends and guests who can comfortably stay at the fully equipped, semi private guest suite of the lower floor. For wine lovers and collectors, the property benefits a wine cellar with 1,200 wine bottle capacity and even barrels for wine production. With extra storage facility and a garage large enough to host 3 cars meets your needs on the island.
Whether you want to produce your own olive oil taking advantage of the over 700 olive trees or taste your own wine from the property’s vineyards planted with Merlot and other varieties of grapes, this property is ideal of its major benefits.. Tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, melons and other vegetables coming from the property’s vegetable and herb gardens promise to tease your tastebuds; while peach, fig, orange, lemon and other fruit trees available in the orchards give you an opportunity to make homemade preserves and marmalades or simply add them fresh to your daily diet. (walk through / chef / handpicked)
Eco-consciously and cleverly green, this property is equipped with a biological treatment facility, a desalination plant and an electrical substation that fulfill the dream of independence for those who wish to not solely depend from the country’s public utilities.
A refuge with an unspoilt landscape or an extraordinary getaway where you can add your fine personal touch, yet to be discovered.

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