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Istria, Kroatien
7.126 sq.ft
38.912 sq.ft
USD 3.422.418
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Umag, Istria, Kroatien

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Villa Seashore is situated in the beautiful valley close to Umag with its private exit directly on the seashore and promenade. The total area of the plot is 3615 square meters and the villa itself is 662 square meters. Villa Seashore is a property for winter and summer stay with indefinite view on the sea and private swimming pool of 136 square meters with sea water.
Villa has four apartments, each with its bathroom and toilet and an exit to the terrace on the ground floor or on the first floor from which you can enjoy a timeless view of the shore. These apartments are connected with the main dependence which consists of the grand entry, living area with a kitchen, a master bedroom and a private exclusive en-suite room. Villa Seashore has an amazing view of the sea out of all rooms, and its orientation towards south makes this unique villa even more gorgeous.
It is equipped with AC units and central heating, open fireplace in the main dependance and maintained garden with the outdoor light system and a swimming pool with sea water close to the grill area for outdoor grill and lounge. Villa Seashore’s garden is arranged in Mediterranean style with white Istra stone and Mediterranea plants, where palm trees dominate the view.
Villa Seashore is ideal for family and friends both during summer season or in the winter, and it could be also good for renting. Family owned, Villa Seashore was made as a family retreat.
It is positioned in the vicinity of the city Umag and offers a calming retreat in the summer, out of the city noise, but 7 kilometers of the walking area offers a great opportunity for sports and takes you directly to the Umag’s city center.
Villa Seashore unique by its position and plan, only several kilometers from the border with Slovenia, will offer to the new owner a true summer enjoyment and winter retreat.

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