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Mexico City

22.690 sq.ft
35.736 sq.ft
USD 12.000.000
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Mexico City, Mexiko

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Located in the wonderful neighborhood of Coyoacán, Mexico City. The Ex Hacienda de San Pedro Mártir goes back to the time of the Spanish conquest. It belonged to one of the captains of the conqueror of Mexico Hernán Cortez Pizarro. The first writing of which only copies are kept, is in Nahuatl, and the property original has suffered numerous fragmentations in four centuries. The verbal tradition says that during the Mexican Revolution of 1910, the forces of Venustiano Carranza quartered in the Church of San Juan Bautista, from the Barrio de Coyoacán, and fought against the forces of Emiliano Zapata, whose barracks was in San Pedro Mártir. These clashes caused people living in the middle to draw white handkerchiefs as a symbol of peace.

Years later in 1923, the teacher Alfredo Ramos Martínez, founded in Hull of the Hacienda the "School of Outdoor Painting", which I shelter and form artists such as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Mardonio Magaña. Later, during the seventies, the Treasury was divided into three parts. The actual Ex Hacienda de San Pedro Mártir - Coyoacán is the only one that conserves its status original The helmet of the same one is an architectural and cultural jewel that It is cataloged and protected by the National Institute of Antropology and History (I.N.A.H). The serenity of this place leads to magical corners flooded with history. Walking between its walls and gardens is a delight for the soul and senses. Greatness embodied in the heart of the old neighborhood of Coyoacán, surrounded by gardens, sculptures in quarry, old trees, a water well from the colonial era, various water sources, reservoirs and a cobblestone path that tells his own story.

It has a chapel, a magic corner of peace, silence and separate introspection from the main house with direct access to one of the gardens. Passing the main door framed in quarry, we receive a lobby which directs us to four important areas of the house. On the left we have a game room with pool table, exquisite works of art, next to a large window that transports the view to the exterior stone arches. On the right we found a sophisticated double living room with quarry fireplace, ceilings double height with wooden beams and imposing antique cut glass chandelier. A majestic 19th-century painting adorns one of the main walls of this area, which has direct access to an interior garden with a beautiful Water fountain decorated with handmade mosaics of the time. Next to the room, we enter an inviting cultural space dedicated to lovers of the reading. At the end of the entrance hall, we find the impressive dining room. In the roof of its vault are fresh painted by the students of the "School of Outdoor Painting" as well as walls decorated with mosaics old talavera crafts. A dining room, chairs and three antique furniture Venetian rococo adorn this magnificent space. And it is illuminated by a european bronze and European cut crystal lamp, at the center of the table dinning room.

Completing the spaces of the Ground Floor, there is a classic Mexican kitchen, a fresh wine cellar, a bright studio / office and a cheerful dining room that leads to an outdoor patio with water fountain included and leads to the sophisticated garage made of stone walls and arches solid An elegant staircase covered with antique mosaics from Talavera takes us to the upper floor where through a corridor we find a inviting family room that connects with the four rooms, each with its private bathroom (the master suite with jacuzzi included) and balconies that open to the infinite gardens of the property. The Ex Hacienda has three service rooms, laundry area and an independent guest house that functions as an office.

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