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Motusmentis - the art of shelving

The latest interior design product to get us in a bit of a spin here at Homeadverts is these incredibly stylish shelving units and bookshelves from Italian designer Motusmentis. Making storage stylish is big business and Motusmentis have created a range so stunning, you will never want to hide your books behind closed doors again.

ConcreteWall - visual trickery by Tom Haga

At Homeadverts, we're big fans of the modern industrial look and now, thanks to the photographic genius of Norwegian born Tom Haga, you can easily recreate a raw, concrete look anywhere you desire. Introducing ConcreteWall, a incredible range of wallpapers designed to truly play tricks on your eyes.

A minimal kitchen with maximum impact

The Essential kitchen by Italian designer Toncelli is perhaps the ultimate in minimalist living. Taking the term de-clutter to the extreme, this incredible kitchen is the ultimate combination of tradition meets modern and with a single touch of a button, it transforms itself from kitchen to table. Very clever stuff.

AltaModa Italia - Art deco fashion for the home

Calling all self confessed glamour pusses - have we got a treat for you! Introducing the opulent and indulgent Tiffany collection from chic Italian design house AltaModa Italia. Family furniture making traditions spanning several decades combine with unique aesthetics designed to bring the wow factor to your home.

Fresh coffee from your iPhone!

The TopBrewer by Scanomat is the latest home product to send us in a bit of a spin here at Homeadverts. Not only are we talking about home brewing with a menu to rival your local coffee shop but you can actually order your coffee with the press of a single button - from your iPhone!

The Pass Residence by Tate Studio Architects

A Tate Studio Architects masterpiece, Pass Residence in Scottsdale, Arizona has been meticulously designed to meet the needs and aspirations of its proud owners. Seamlessly integrating in to its desert background, this single storey retirement home is truly breathtaking.


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