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Historical Mansion in Puerto Valldemossa - Mallorca

Built in the mid 18 Century by Archduke Ludwig Salvator and today the dearly loved hideout of movie star Michael Douglas, the sprawling country estate of S’Estaca is steeped in a fascinating history both old and new, making this one of the most endearing homes in the whole of Mallorca.

A Luxurious Home Where Privacy Prevails

With circumstances which allow for all manner of real estate possibilities, just what is it about S’Estaca that captured the heart of Michael Douglas some 21 years ago, and remained there ever since?

This spectacular country estate on Mallorca’s West coast is a unique collection of seven independent units which includes five apartments, a "loft" and two cottages, providing luxurious accommodation for no fewer than 20 people.


The epitome of a luxury Mediterranean lifestyle, designed to be enjoyed at every opportunity.

Located in Valldemossa, one of Mallorca’s prettiest villages, and set within an incredible 247 acres (100 hectares), guests are enveloped in complete privacy as the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage site of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range provides stunning seclusion on one side, whilst the Mediterranean Sea glistens before you on the other.


Private living at its finest courtesy of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

S'Esteca offers a combination of architectural styles throughout its residential buildings. The main house has an obvious Moorish influence which subtly combines with the traditional yet complex architecture of the Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea off Sicily's north-eastern coastline.


Built in local dry stone, the guest house is a fine representation of centuries old Mallorcan tradition.

In contrast, the separate guesthouse is made from the stunning local dry stone. Mallorca is noted for its remarkable stonework which has a history spanning 4000 years and some of the finest examples are to be found in Valledemossa and neighbouring Deia and Soller. This wonderful choice of finish ensures that S'Estaca respectfully harmonises with its own historical surroundings.


Exotic Moorish design with expressive colours and earthen textures creates a warm ambiance.

Moving inside, the walls are finished in traditional white to create a cooling atmosphere, particularly welcome during those extended hot summers. The colour provided by the contrasting terracotta tiles provides a warm and comforting depth whilst the grand, domed ceiling serves to further enhance what is already a very impressive space.

The sights, sounds and aromas of the Mediterranean Sea come pouring in through the plentiful, multi aspect French doors and windows.


The master suite is minimal yet inviting thanks to vast natural light and delicate touches.

Of course with a residence this size comes a vast selection of amenities and luxuries and the main attributes of the S’Estaca estate include: Media room/home theatre, outdoor kitchen, staff quarters, wine cellar, library, heated outdoor pool, games room, master suite and of course, those glorious sea and mountain views.

The property has undergone several renovations, most significantly in 1990 when the owners added a sizeable extension and further renovation, making this stunning home the masterpiece that it is today. All improvements carefully respect both local and original architecture.


The Moorish inspired garden provides a comfortable refuge from the Mediterranean heat.

Meander around the extensive grounds of the estate and you are met with immaculate and mature gardens, providing the perfect space for relaxing in the sun or indeed seeking solace in the shade.

Relax and unwind as you enjoy your own impeccable swimming pool, or take advantage of your own direct beach access as you take a private stroll through the many pine trees.

Wine Cellar

Your own private wine cellar, perfect for storing the region's distinctive wines.

And speaking of enjoyment, a home of this calibre simply wouldn't be complete with its own wine cellar. The local wine is delicious and owes itself to the preferred micro climate created by the Serra Tramuntana mountain range. It would almost be sinful not to sample the delights.

Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria

The history of the S’Estaca estates owes itself to one man; Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria. Of all the famous foreigners attracted to Mallorca, both past and present, none is so admired locally as the Archduke. Born in Florence in 1847, the son of Leopold III of Tuscany and Marie Antoinette de Bourbon, he arrived in Mallorca back in 1867 as a means to escape Viennese court life.

Immediately falling in love with his new surroundings and a self proclaimed champion for Mallorca’s wildlife long before conservation meant anything to anyone, he purchased wild areas of land to both preserve their natural state and enjoy their beauty. His most notable property is of course this stunning estate, a once ruined old manor house that he lovingly converted himself and one which clearly remains as impressive today as it was back then.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Any homeowner here is considered fortunate for having the privilege of living in the peace and tranquillity of the Tramuntana coastline. For Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, the seclusion of the location and the upmost privacy on offer within the estate itself would surely have to be one of biggest appeals.


Michael Douglas enjoys the views at the S’Estaca. Photo ©2014 by Catherine Zeta Jones

One can well imagine how this home with its lush green established gardens, panoramic Mediterranean Sea view, vast space both inside and out and of course, its historical significance would offer an idyllic retreat for one of the world's most famous celebrity couples to enjoy a low profile, luxury lifestyle.

Clearly keen to protect the area surrounding S'Estaca from over development, Michael Douglas finances the Costa Nord Foundation which is the main cultural centre around the Serra de Tramuntana for education and conservation.

Valldemossa and S’Estaca

S’Estaca lies within the municipality of Valldemossa which is readily regarded as one of the prettiest villages in Mallorca both by islanders and tourists. Narrow cobbled streets separate the blonde stone houses where each doorway is adorned with green plants and flowers. This is a place where the privileged residents respect their surroundings a great deal.


The village of Valldemossa and its array of beautiful, dry stone traditional houses.

The village is home to a wonderful selection of cafes, galleries, gift shops and bakeries as well as famous landmark the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa which was built at the beginning of the 14th century when mystic and philosopher Ramon Llull lived in the area.

Mallorca - The Celebrity Home From Home

Mallorca has a long history for attracting some of the world's highest profile celebrities and everyday personalities to its shores, either as holiday makers or indeed homeowners.

As well as the climate, natural beauty and atmosphere, this Mediterranean island also boasts a separate private jet terminal at the international airport, boutique and designer shopping, and of course luxury marinas such as Puerto Portals which regularly welcomes a whole host of mega yachts owned by the likes of Jim Carrey, Jenson Button and Bill Gates.

Some of the island's most notable residents and visitors, both past and present, include: Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rafael Nadal, Boris Becker and Claudia Schiffer. And that's just the very tip of the celebrity iceberg!

Mallorca Sotheby's International Realty

For more information about the stunning S'Estaca estate (price on application) please do not hesitate to contact Alejandra Vanoli, Managing Director at the Palma head office of Mallorca Sotheby's International Realty.


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