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How to Live Like a Rockstar in Keith Richard's Luxury Manhattan Home

Perched high above Manhattan’s exclusive Fifth Ave., purchasing this duplex penthouse allows you to reside in the home of one of history’s most legendary rock icons: Keith Richards. Owned by an original member of The Rolling Stones, this luxurious, modern penthouse offers buyers an unprecedented glimpse of what it means to live like a rock star.

An Overview of One Fifth Avenue

Whether you love legendary rock and roll, you just love music in general, or you have an appreciation of the finest architecture and design in the world, you’re going to find this Fifth Avenue property appealing.

The fashionable entrance of One Fifth Avenue.

The fashionable entrance of One Fifth Avenue.

Located in a Manhattan building originally conceived as a luxury hotel in 1929, world-class architect Harvey Wiley Corbett created a building renowned for its Art-Deco design, as well as a rising presence in the downtown skyline.

This building is now a full-service co-op set in the heart if historic Greenwich Village, featuring a full-time doorman, laundry facility, storage and also a pied-a-terre’s for pets.

The building was the setting for Candace Bushnell’s namesake novel, “One Fifth Avenue,” and it’s also been home to other legends including directors Brian De Palma and Tim Burton.

A Modern Remodel

This penthouse property is the result of a combination of three separate units, and it underwent an extensive renovation in 2011 by renowned architect Joe Serrins. This is when the combination happened, expanding this penthouse to include an impressive amount of square footage and both living and entertaining.

The modern home of Keith Richards at one fifth avenue.

The penthouse underwent an extensive remodel in 2011.

Serrins is a Manhattan-based architect and designer with a global client base, featured in publications including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor and the New York Times.

Serrins’ Studio has received many design awards including the prestigious Residential Project of the Year award from IIDA.

When you first walk in, what may surprise you most is that it doesn’t look like the classic rock star crash pad. You might expect more boldness in the design, but instead what you’ll be greeted with is a clean, contemporary aesthetic defined by white walls, ample natural light, beautiful, natural wood floors, and the presence of three setback terraces on the main level, delivering breathtaking open views of surrounding Greenwich Village and the skyline of the world’s most captivating city.

The modern home of Keith Richards at one fifth avenue.

Natural light defines the modern aesthetic.

While the overall design may be cleaner, simpler and more relaxing than you might expect from Keith Richards’ home, there are some elements to be expected in any icon’s home.

This penthouse is appointed with the finest in lighting, sound and more. For example, you’ll find Lutron lighting throughout, a fully integrated Sonos sound system and this penthouse Fifth Avenue property even boasts a built-in air purification system.

The modern home of Keith Richards at one fifth avenue.

Richards' penthouse boasts Lutron lighting and a Sonos sound system.

What we love about this penthouse (although it’s difficult to narrow that list down) is the pristine simplicity you’ll find throughout.

Walking into this spacious, light-filled home feels instantly like a place you can relax, unwind and extract yourself from the bustle of the city, even though it sits at your feet as you're high above its iconic streets in your piece of Manhattan paradise.

An Inspired Kitchen

The kitchen is so crisp and fresh that it feels as if it could be part of a country retreat, as opposed to a Manhattan condo.

The modern home of Keith Richards at one fifth avenue.

The condo's kitchen is crisp, white and contemporary.

It’s an all-white design concept, yet Serrins managed to make it feel warm and inviting, rather than stark or sterile. That’s quite an accomplishment in the design of such a kitchen, and the influx of natural light certainly doesn’t hurt either.

The modern home of Keith Richards at one fifth avenue.

The kitchen features an adjacent south-facing terrace.

It’s from this kitchen that a south-facing terrace extends outward, creating what’s likely to be your favorite spot for any time of day, whether you’re having your morning cup of coffee or your evening glass of wine.

The surroundings of Fifth Avenue, Greenwich Village and Manhattan all sit just below you and are laid out for you, from the home-base of this kitchen-adjacent terrace.

The modern home of Keith Richards at one fifth avenue.

This penthouse includes three separate terraces on the main level.

On all of the terraces, there continues a modern and Zen-like design, with built-in seating and oversized planters filled with boxwoods to create a shroud of privacy, without an obstruction of the views.

You’ll find rooms that can be used as libraries, guest bedrooms or even gyms. One of these areas is located to the side of the main floor common area and features a large sliding wall that can delineate this space.

The Upper Level

As you ascend the staircase leading to the condo’s second level, you’ll likely notice the artful inclusion of an open staircase, crafted of bronze and wrapped in leather. We like that the combination of bronze and leather is a subtle reminder of the iconic rock star owner of this Fifth Avenue property.

The modern home of Keith Richards at one fifth avenue.

Each of the four bedrooms is large and full of light.

Each of the four bedrooms is defined by the presence of large windows, so you’re never without the Manhattan views that are likely to make you always feel connected to the energy and excitement of the city that surrounds you.

We love how each of the bedrooms and bathrooms also feel so restful and spa-like, The design aesthetic is cohesive with what you find on the home’s main level: white walls, high ceilings, state-of-the-art lighting, and plank floors.

What we feel about this distinctive One Fifth Avenue property is that while you may be purchasing a bit of history, it’s also a space that you can make into your own.

You can imagine yourself coming home here, to this open, welcoming space that feels timeless yet contemporary, simple yet full of life and beauty, and luxurious, yet functional.

The modern home of Keith Richards at one fifth avenue.

The bathrooms are designed to replicate a spa experience.

Ethereal light glows in the bathrooms and lets you customize the ambiance here. We love the master bathroom’s modern-yet-elegant soaking tub set against a window, and we also enjoy the minimalism that continues here and defines the entire aesthetic of the property.

There’s a sense of versatility in the design of this home, not only in the color palette and interior design elements but also in the layout.

Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones

It’s difficult not to have an understanding of the significance of The Rolling Stones, and Keith Richards as a musician.

This English-born performer isn’t just a singer, but is also a songwriter, and Rolling Stones Magazine named him as 4th of the world’s best guitarists.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards - Image: thetimes.co.uk

14 Rolling Stones songs have found their way onto the Rollin Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of all Times, and some of their most famous songs include “Paint It Black,” “Sympathy For the Devil” and “Gimme Shelter.”

Richards is also credited as an actor, having appeared in well-known films like the Pirates of the Carribean franchise.

Richards met his wife, model Patti Hansen in 1979, with whom he owns this property, purchased by the couple in 2014 for $10.5 million.

The Charm and History of Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village, also known as “The Village,” is a Lower Manhattan neighborhood long known as being a hub for artists, musicians and Bohemians.

Buvette at Greenwich Village.

The ever popular Buvette, a brunch spot in the West Village. Image: Buvette

Despite it’s artistic and avant-garde history and the fact that it played a pivotal role in cultural events including the LGBT movement and the counterculture movement of the 60s, Greenwich Village is today one of the most expensive areas in all of the U.S. base on median housing prices.

Residential sale prices in the Village typically exceed more than $2,000 per square foot. Some of the many celebrities who call Greenwich Village home include Rachel Ray, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Matthew Broderick.

One Fifth Avenue is at the heart of the neighborhood, and just steps from Washington Square Park and NYU, as well as the many restaurants the area is known for.

It’s a building that really captures the essence of what it is to live in New York. This landmark Art-Deco building features not only a full staff but also a stunning two-story lobby.

Apt 18A, 1 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NY

If you’ve ever wondered how to live like a rock star, this four-bedroom duplex penthouse defines that lifestyle of luxury, opulence, and fashion.

Amazingly, this property has just gone on the market, allowing buyers the opportunity to not just get a glimpse of the lifestyle of a legendary musician, but to purchase that bit of history.

It’s currently being marketed by Stan Ponte of Sotheby’s International Realty - East Side Manhattan Brokerage.

USD 12.230.000 I  Sotheby’s International Realty- East Side Manhattan Brokerage


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