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John Guy Van Keulen’s Coastal Dutch Estate

Just 400 m from the shores of the North Sea is Kreekpad 3, not only renowned designer John Guy van Keulen’s personal home but also one of his finest works. Adjacent to 50 acres of unspoiled land, this property features imported French finishes, high-tech additions, and both wooded and water views.

Rockanje’s Finest Real Estate

There’s a sense of timelessness and limitless beauty that surrounds you at Kreekpad 3, a luxury four-bedroom, 2-bathroom property located in the Dutch coastal town of Rockanje. This nine-acre estate is tucked away behind a stately wrought iron gate and is protected by the Estate Act while being surrounded by an incredible 50 acres of preserved natural space just 400 meters from the breathtaking shoreline of the North Sea.


John Guy Van Keulen’s home is set on a 9-acre property.

Along with proximity to the beach, this property is tucked along the shores of a charming pond and surrounded by wooded areas and grasslands that replicate the look and feel of being in the U.S. states of Colorado or Wyoming.

The home’s exterior evokes a rustic feeling, along with a sense of timeless design and the feeling it was crafted from the earth, thanks to the use of natural materials and a focus on solid, long-lasting quality construction. The primary entrance to the home sets the tone for what you’ll find inside, which is a unique design and style uniting French antique finishes and materials with modern style and technology.


John Guy Van Keulen focused the design on antique materials.

As you walk into the primary living area, which boasts a completely open-concept design, you’ll encounter not only rustically-inspired architecture with soaring wood beams running across the ceilings, but you’ll also notice the lines between the indoors and the outdoors are blurred, thanks to the presence of glass walls and expansive doors.

Van Keulen’s signature love for antique and traditional materials is reflected in this space, which includes a French limestone fireplace and 18th-century solid wood, wide plank floors. Each plank is completely unique from all the others, creating a sense of character and distinctiveness found in very few other newly constructed homes.


The living area features wide wood ceiling beams and plank flooring.

The rich wood and natural materials come together with the scenic outdoor views located just outside the glass walls, creating a rustic-yet-luxurious space that feels warm, inviting and enduringly beautiful.

Modern Technology and Classic Design

The kitchen is a real masterpiece, evoking the feeling of a French-Country kitchen thanks to the inclusion of plank ceilings adorned with wood beams, the continuation of the 18th-century oak flooring, and open, wood floating shelves.

These elements are ideally paired with modern features, such as the industrial-style lighting that illuminates the large island, the leather drawer and cabinet facades, and the inclusion of state-of-the-art kitchen technology and appliances.


The kitchen includes Belgian hardstone counters and Sub-Zero appliances.

Inconspicuously tucked away in the leather-clad cabinets and drawers are outstanding features of kitchen convenience and technology, including the Scanomat Topbrewer fully automatic coffee maker, which can be controlled by smartphone, as well as a full Sub-Zero appliance package. The countertops are imported Belgian stone, as are the adjoining terraces that surround the kitchen and the entire home.

As well as an indoor kitchen, this Dutch estate includes an outdoor kitchen and vast seating and entertaining areas, all set on beautiful stone terraces. These spaces include not only spectacular outdoor vistas but also a combination of materials that creates a sense of depth and ties the property seamlessly to its beautiful surroundings.

There are plush seating areas set against stone fireplaces, built in dining areas and the outdoor kitchen also includes high-end appliances.


The outdoor kitchen features high-end appliances.

There’s a sense of lodge-like practicality pervasive throughout this Kreekpad property, yet it also reflects a feeling of upscale romanticism and the ultimate in luxurious living. The outdoor kitchen brings together the unlikely combination of raw wood with details like built-in cooling drawers and aged Belgian hardstone countertops. It’s these series of juxtapositions, found throughout the home that truly show the genius of John Guy Van Keulen.

Restful Retreats

Each of the four bedrooms at Kreekpad is meticulously designed to continue the feeling of lodge-like pastoral charm pervasive in the home’s design, paired with the sense of a retreat-like ambiance and high style.


The master bedroom includes wood beamed ceilings.

The bedrooms include slanted ceilings with wide beams running across them, wood plank flooring, tremendous views and natural light from the large windows and antique doors. In the master bathroom, an en suite design, there’s a brick wall along with an opulent oval soaking tub set against a large window, so you can enjoy views while you unwind in the deep water of this desirable bathroom feature.


The master bathroom includes a brick feature wall and soaking tub.

The bathroom also includes a spacious double seek and a sumptuous rain shower while the first floor offers three other bedrooms continuing the antique French charm indicative of a Van Keulen design. Along with the master suite, there are three other charming bedrooms.

The additional bathroom feels as if it’s directly from a French chateau with cozy nooks and sloping ceilings, custom shutters, one-of-a-kind bathtubs and high-end plumbing fixtures, all paired with the infusion of antique mirrors.


The additional bathroom feels as if it’s directly from a French chateau

The interior of the home is a large and airy 5,382 square feet, and as well as the four primary bedrooms you’ll also discover an annex that can be used as an additional space for guests, or as an office. This separate area is 30 square meters and is the space John Guy used as to create his extraordinary designs, known the world over for the inclusion of amazing materials and historical influences.

Seaside Outdoor Spaces

Just walking a short 400 meters will put you face-to-face with the stunning North Sea, where you can breathe the salty air and feel like you’re worlds away from modern living, despite your proximity to Rotterdam.


Kreekpad includes a heated infinity pool.

Even without making that walk, however, you’ll find yourself immersed in a beautiful oasis-like retreat. Along with the pond that is perched on the property and the 50 acres of unspoiled, preserved natural areas surrounding you, you’ll also discover beautifully maintained gardens and a modern, sleek, heated infinity pool right outside the doors of this Rockanje home.


This piece of luxury real estate is surrounded by 50 acres of preserved land.

The pool is immersed in wooded views as well as the undulating silhouette of natural grasses, which create the feeling of natural prairie land. The pool is surrounded by imported stone patios, thoughtfully sourced by Van Keulen, showcasing his love of custom and unique materials.

The Designs of John Guy Van Keulen

This Rockanje home was not only the design of John Guy Van Keulen, but also served as his personal family home. It reflects the quintessential elements of his style, which have led to his rise as one of the world’s most well-known and renowned designers. There’s a feeling of sturdy constancy and durability thanks to the use of the solid materials, many of which are naturally derived.


John Guy Van Keulen and his wife Maria in front of their beautiful home

This pairs with modern infusions, as well as vintage additions, particularly those originating from France. This home includes elements of Van Keulen's signature design style. Many of Van Keulen’s designs are described as Rustic-Industrial, and they’re defined by not only the use of only the finest materials but also a feeling of depth and dimension, a dedication to reflecting the surroundings of a home and clear, open sightlines.

Inspirations and creations - Close up with Guy

The Netherlands-based real estate television show, TV Makelaar, recently interview John Guy. The interview included bits about the designer's inspirations, creations and creative process, and it also visits his Rockanje home, featured in this piece.

Interview with Guy on Tv Makelaar (RTL, Netherlands) - Dutch audio.

Seaside Tranquility in Rockanje

Thanks to its proximity to the sea and being surrounded by 50 acres of undeveloped land, this home very much feels as if it’s miles away from civilization, but it’s actually located near Rockanje, a quaint resort destination in the Dutch province of South Holland. The small town has less than 5,000 residents, making it a small, inviting coastal enclave.


Stone mill, Molendijk - Rockanje

South Holland is best known for its located along the North Sea, bringing stunning dune and beach landscapes, as well as polders, classic windmills, and areas of colorful blooming flowers. There are an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy in South Holland, particularly in the countryside where pastimes like hiking and biking are popular.

Kreekpad 3 Rockanje, 3235CJ, Netherlands

This amazing designer showpiece is currently for sale. Originally designed by John Guy Van Keulen, you can own this stunning property surrounded by natural beauty and the North Sea. The property is marketed by Leslie D.T. De Ruiter of R365 Christie’s International Real Estate.

€ 4.444.000 k.k.  I  R365 I Christie’s International Real Estate



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