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Stunning Firehouse Conversion In San Francisco

Set in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood, historical Engine 44 is a luxury converted firehouse featuring state-of-the-art smart home technology, high-end finishes, and modern architecture.

San Francisco is a city that thrives because of a sense of creativity, innovation and uniqueness. There is perhaps no house in the city that embodies these characteristics more than the Engine No. 44 fire station.

A Piece of Noe Valley History

Built in 1909 and featuring the original Mission Revival façade, this home was a working fire station for 50 years, providing service to the Noe Valley. After its illustrious working history, it served as home to renowned San Francisco artists Mark Adams and Beth Von Housen.

This four-story home is now a brilliant example of contemporary architecture, advanced home technology, and high-end finishes all artfully paired with original details that make the fire station one-of-a-kind.

The converted fire station, engine 44, Noe Valley - San Francisco

The fire station includes Mission Revival exterior architecture and original front doors.

The façade of the home sits on a charming street and boasts copper stable doors and the original flagpole, which give it a sense of character not seen in any other home on the street, or perhaps in all of San Francisco.

An Airy, Gallery-Like Space

As you enter this converted fire station, you’ll find a space that feels bright and modern, with a sense of contemporary design, characterized by features like the gray slate floors and stark white walls.

There is very much the feeling of being in an art gallery as you first enter the home’s entryway, and that carries on throughout the space, thanks to not only the expansive walls ideal for hanging original pieces, but also because of the addition of custom Luminae Souter lighting.

The converted fire station, engine 44, Noe Valley - San Francisco

Entering the home feels like a contemporary art gallery.

In the front portion of the home are built-in display shelves, again with a custom lighting scheme, and also a wine storage system, all of which looks toward the original spiral staircase and the lower-level living area of the home, which feels connected to the outdoors thanks to the paned window which extends several levels and provides a feeling of connectedness to the outdoors.

Home's interior include display shelving and a wine storage center. Engine 44, Noe Valley - San Francisco

The front of the home's interior include display shelving and a wine storage center.

The intricately spiraling staircase feels both stark with its metal construction, yet gentle because of the curving lines, quickly becoming a focal point in the living area. The double-sided shelving system from the front of the home is also visible in the lower-level living room, where reclaimed fir floors add a sense of traditionalism and rustic warmth.

Living room at the converted fire station, engine 44 at Noe Valley - San Francisco

The lower-level living room is flooded with natural light thanks to an atrium and multi-level window.

Sun-Filled Living Spaces

This multi-level living area has soaring ceilings that make space and time feel limitless, and there is a sense of never-ending natural light thanks to the glass-and-reclaimed wood atrium that is an architectural focal point of the entire home.

Upper-level elements in the living area feel as if they’re suspended in mid-air, including the loft-like third level of the home, which features a transparent glass railing, challenging the imagination and ideas of what a home should be.

Converted fire station, engine 44 at Noe Valley - San Francisco

The design and layout of the house defies the imagination and transcends reality.

As you look toward what would ordinarily be a home’s ceiling, you’re instead greeting with multi-dimensional layers indicative of the home’s distinctive architecture, as well as a continual progression toward what seems to be the open sky.

Glass architecture at engine 44, Noe Valley - San Francisco

Natural light pours into every crevice of this home.

On the home’s next level, you’ll find a living and dining space, continuing the theme of bright spaces and gallery-like design style with custom track lighting illuminating the walls. The airy elements created by the curving window are a unique contrast with the pillar-like gray structures that root the room in a sense of solidarity.

Living space with gallery lighting and a unique curved window. Engine 44, Noe Valley - San Francisco

An upper-level living space includes gallery lighting and a unique curved window.

The kitchen is appointed with professional-grade appliances including Fisher Paykel dishwasher drawers while the countertops are finished in soapstone and the pantry features a Ravini slab. A grounded kitchen island provides additional seating, and there are again views of the outdoor space and plentiful natural light here.

Light, translucent upper cabinetry is paired with custom wood lower cabinetry, again creating a mesmerizing and clever juxtaposition, which is something found so many places in this house.

The gourmet kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances and finishes. Engine 44, Noe Valley - San Francisco

The gourmet kitchen includes top-of-the-line appliances and finishes.

The staircases in this recreated home are perhaps one of the most captivating elements, representing a sense of an ethereal climb toward the sky, broken only by the presence of glass that seems to float mid-air.

The natural light that comes into every area of the home plays off the glass and lines of the staircases that connect each of the four individual stories in this reimagined firehouse.

Mid-air staircase at engine 44, Noe Valley - San Francisco

The staircases connecting each of the home's four levels seem to be suspended in mid-air.

Bright, Comfortably-Appointed Bedrooms

Three guest bedrooms are again reliant on the ability of this house to deliver natural light in its purest form, and they also carry on the reclaimed fir floors, which give this home a subtle sense of earthiness.

Elegant bedroom at engine 44, Noe Valley, San Francisco

The home includes three bright guest bedrooms.

The master bedroom features dramatically vaulted ceilings and a picture window framing the city views that make this room truly spectacular.

Spa-inspired bathroom, smart technology, and San Francisco views. Engine 44, Noe Valley, San Francisco

The master suite features a spa-inspired bathroom, smart technology, and San Francisco views.

The master suite also contains one of the home’s Eco Smart fireplaces, while the master bathroom boasts decadent Thassos marble and heated floors. An deep standalone soaking tub sits alongside a window while curved ceilings are interspersed with custom lighting that feels imaginative and like nothing you’ve ever seen in a private residence. The curved ceiling panels seem to waft above the bathroom, and the custom lighting above them creates the sense there’s sunlight filtering through.

Bathroom with uniquely curved ceilings. Engine 44, Noe Valley, San Francisco

The sumptuous master bathroom includes a soaking tub and uniquely curved ceilings.

In a design that exceeds far beyond the typical skylights, as you ascend to the home’s upper level you’re transported to an incredible place that feels as if it’s entirely constructed of glass, while what was once a firehouse hose drying tower has become a magnificent 360-degree viewing tower.

Engine 44 firehouse conversion with glass ceilings. Noe Valley, San Francisco

Glass ceilings challenge the imagination in what was once a firehouse.

A real luxury in San Francisco, the rooftop deck boasts built-in seating areas, high-end technology and sweeping panoramic views, while a ground-level terrace located on the back of the home features areas for urban gardens and a covered eating area in what was once a garage space.

Engine 44, ground-level terrace with a covered eating area. Noe Valley, San Francisco

Ground-level terrace with a covered eating area.

The home includes a gym, as well as a total of 3 ½ bathrooms, appointed with honed Calcutta. Along with smart technology, original features that remain include a brass firepole and a firehouse fountain while the exterior includes Ipe decking and fencing.

From the street, many of the original elements of the firehouse remain as an ode to this home’s history but you’re truly inspired and amazed by what awaits when you walk into this modern architectural feat that speaks of luxurious innovation and exceptional creativity, much like the city in which this home is located.

Engine 44 at Noe Valley ahs many of the original elements of the firehouse remain.

Engine 44 is located in the central San Francisco neighborhood of Noe Valley.

The Noe Valley San Francisco

This converted firehouse is located in the central San Francisco neighborhood of Noe Valley, known as an affluent enclave of working professionals and families.

The median sale price of homes in Noe Valley is nearly $2.5 million, and it’s a prime area for San Francisco real estate because the adjacent Twin Peaks prevent the approach of fog and winds from the Pacific, meaning a warmer and sunnier climate as compared to other areas of the city.

Located next to the Mission, Noe Valley tends to have a luxurious and wholesome image and is full of upscale restaurants and boutiques. You can also walk along the streets, which have a distinctly small town feeling, and observe the coffee shops and cafes, as well as the bookstores.

Victorian architecture in San Francisco

Small town feeling with Victorian style restaurants and boutiques.

Many of the homes are Victorian in style, which makes the fires station on 22nd street particularly appealing for someone seeking a standout property with a premier San Francisco address.

3816 22nd St. Noe Valley, San Francisco

This original piece of architectural artistry is being marketed by Carrie Goodman and Stacey Caen at Sotheby’s International Realty-San Francisco Brokerage.

USD 6,898,000  I  Sotheby’s International Realty-San Francisco Brokerage


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