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Upscale Transitional Living In Melbourne

Surrounded by the natural beauty of adjacent Fitzroy Gardens, this sprawling flat on the 8th floor of the exclusive 150 Clarendon Street development evokes the finest in East Melbourne living. With a transitional design style, open living spaces and walls of glass, it’s the perfect example of upscale Melbourne living.

A Transitional Design Style

Perhaps one of the things we find most appealing about this Melbourne Flat, spanning over 540 sq. m. in the exclusive 12-story 150 Clarendon Building, is the transitional design style. We find that it’s the perfect combination of modern and traditional, so a sense of warmth certainly isn’t lacking, but the style also manages to simultaneously feel sleek and streamlined.

Luxury apartment in Melbourne with panorama view.

This flat is located on the 8th floor of the 150 Clarendon St. development.

Warm oak plank floors in tones of rich honey run throughout the flat and provide a classic balance to the contemporary walls of glass framing the views of the city and Port Phillips Bay in the distance. High ceilings and recessed lighting come together with a wood feature wall surrounding the gas fireplace, and the furniture feels sumptuous, oversized and just waiting for you to dive in after a long Melbourne day.

Luxury apartment in Melbourne with panorama view.

Glass and wood balance modern and traditional style.

Adjacent to the building is Fitzroy Gardens, so below you is a leafy retreat with vast, green open spaces, which we love because it brings a country ambiance to the city, yet in the distance as you stand and admire the views from the glass walls in your flat, you’ll see the high-rise buildings and twinkling urban lights of Melbourne.

An Open-Concept Layout

There’s nothing you won’t love about this eighth floor home, but one of our favorite features of the layout itself is just how conducive it is to not only enjoying your everyday life but also that it’s ideal for entertaining.

In the current furniture design, there are grouped seating areas, many of which center around the views offered from the expansive glass walls. The design is flexible and fluid so you could easily tailor it to your needs whether you are indeed an avid entertainer, or you like delineated areas for reading by the fire, gathering with your family to discuss your day, or taking advantage of a more formal seating area.

Luxury apartment in Melbourne with panorama view.

One of the many seating areas in this large flat.

The dining area, like most of the rest of the apartment, is set against the backdrop of a glass wall, where stunning Melbourne waits for you on the other side. There’s more dining space adjacent to the modern kitchen, where an extra-wide island roots the kitchen in a sense of strength and permanence.

The island is entirely comprised of stone, with delicate white marbling running throughout. It’s the perfect contrast with the sleek white cabinetry, again bringing together modern and traditional style for the ultimate in transitional living.

Luxury kitchen in Melbourne apartment with panorama views

The kitchen continues the transitional style of the flat.

Professional-quality appliances complete the open-concept kitchen, and while you’re cooking or just pouring yourself a glass of wine, you’ll again be looking beyond the glass wall to take in the scenery of one of the world’s most fascinating cities. We love the continuation of the warm honey floors into the kitchen, along with the light brown of the natural stone island, and the clean, crispness of the white cabinetry and hidden storage.

The current furnishings are the perfect representation of true transitional style, in our opinion. For example, the informal dining area adjacent to the kitchen includes ultra-modern sculptural bar stools and airy, translucent table seating, while in the main living areas the furniture is plush, oversized and has curved lines, all of which are features indicative of traditional design. It’s just the best possible balance that you’ll find throughout this flat.

Luxury apartment in Melbourne with panorama view.

Both modern and traditional furniture unite in this flat.

Also conveniently located in this Melbourne flat is a butler’s kitchen, which is the perfect inclusion for entertaining. This functional kitchen space includes thick-cut countertops, more hidden storage, and a full appliance package.

Intimate Nooks and a Library

While the main living areas of the flat are defined by the glass walls and the openness of the layout, there are some “secret” spaces tucked away as well, one of which is an inviting seating area. We love the soft, sumptuous carpet in the seating area, and we also appreciate the custom blinds which adorn the window here.

You can close the world away and spend your downtime relaxing with a stack of magazines in this intimate retreat. Plenty of storage hides behind the lacquered walls, again highlighting the contrast between modern and traditional, as the furniture is ornate and classic while the lacquered walls are sleek.

Luxury apartment in Melbourne

A small nook becomes a relaxing retreat.

You’ll notice the wide floor moldings add architectural interest to this flat, and customize the design in a way that’s subtle, yet has a significant impact.

The traditional library is right now configured as a charming billiards room. Seating surrounds the table, and books line the wall, for that parlor feeling of eras gone by. There’s a masculine energy in the design, which is a nice equilibrium and contrast to the light color palettes and feminity of much of the rest of the flat.

Luxury game room in Melbourne apartment with panorama view.

The library doubles as a billiards area in the current design.

With a total of four bedrooms and four baths, the master suite is the pièce de résistance. You’ll find yourself falling asleep and waking against the backdrop that is the Melbourne skyline, as the most pertinent architectural feature of this flat continue here: the glass feature walls.


The master bedroom includes a gas fireplace and glass feature walls.

As your feet hit the floor each morning you’ll be greeted with the plushness of the carpet under you, and soft draperies hang throughout the room, providing a sense of classic design and a romantic feeling. A modern fireplace sits against the primary wall, and in the current layout, you’ll find that the bed faces the fireplace, with the windowed feature wall to your site. Furnishings such as oversized lamps and an Asian screen add traditionalism and timelessness to the master bedroom.

Luxury bathroom in Melbourne apartment

The master bathroom includes a soaking tub and glass-enclosed shower room.

The master bedroom is a visually exciting masterpiece, from our perspective. As you walk in you’ll find the earthy tiles continue straight into the shower, which is only separated by the inclusion of seamless glass doors, providing the ultimate in continuity. A vast wood vanity is placed against a mirrored wall, to continue the visual uniqueness of the bathroom, while an oversized soaking tub just waits for your arrival.

Outdoor Space and Terraces in Melbourne

Since one of the most alluring features of this flat at 150 Clarendon Street are the views, of course, the terraces are essential to the design and the appeal of the property.

Luxury apartment in Melbourne with panorama view.

Terraces beckon from much of the flat.

These terraces are framed by glass railings, include recessed lighting and are spacious enough for a variety of furnishings. We relish in the thought of stepping onto the private terrace on a warm, Melbourne summer evening and taking in the excitement, energy and buzz of the city immersing us.

150 Clarendon Street

Perhaps one of the most revered and prominent buildings in Melbourne, 150 Clarendon Street is a 12-story design, comprised primarily of glass, and it affords residents top-of-the-line amenities.

As you enter the building, you’ll find yourself immediately immersed in a sense of grandeur, defined by a white lobby with a stunning chandelier and a myriad of staircases.

Luxury lobby in Melbourne

The grand lobby of 150 Clarendon St.

The building is packed with amenities, including 24-hour concierge service, a state-of-the-art cinema with plush seating, and a 25 m indoor pool. You’ll also find a boardroom so you can hold a meeting without leaving the comfort of your building, a sauna, a gym and secure resident parking. 150 Clarendon St. is a building that has it all regarding luxury living, conveniences, and a premier Melbourne location.

Sophisticated Living in East Melbourne

Situated in a prime East Melbourne location, one of the things we find most perfect about life at 150 Clarendon St. is just how close you are to Fitzroy Gardens. It’s actually adjacent to the building so you can envision yourself meandering through the beautiful, lush pathways and drinking in the natural surroundings which define this high-end urban development.

Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

An urban setting with natural beauty.

Much of what characterizes East Melbourne, along with the tranquil gardens and natural reprieves, is the Central Business District proximity and the Victorian architecture.

Luxury apartment in Melbourne with panorama view.

150 Clarendon St. is in premier East Melbourne.

It’s an area of Melbourne filled with charm and individuality, and it’s one of the most high-demand areas in the city in terms of real estate.

Our Thoughts

One of the more significant challenges in interior design and architecture is the bringing together of elements of modern and traditional style. Striking that optimal balance proves difficult and in many cases unsuccessful, yet this 8th story flat in Melbourne does just that.

We admire the appealing sense of timelessness, warmth, and comfort that’s brought together with chic, urban design elements for the best of all worlds. It’s a versatile, universally appealing style that transcends trends.

8th Floor/150 Clarendon Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3002

Level 8, 150 Clarendon Street East Melbourne

This spacious, quintessentially transitional luxury flat is currently being marketed by Phillip French of Melbourne Sotheby’s International Realty, with the price available upon request.

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