Homeadverts - A small company with big plans

We’ve embarked on a bold and ambitious journey to bring some much needed changes to the world of global real estate. Meet our people and follow our path; from how it all began to where we hope to end up. This is us, just telling our story, and doing our thing.

Sink or Swim

Picture the scene. It was 2008 and we were sat in our real estate office in Spain, shamelessly high on caffeine and venting our usual frustrations. It’s safe to say we were stuck on repeat. At the time it was also the beginning of the end of the property boom and with a global financial crisis looming, negativity and uncertainty was rife throughout the real estate industry and what’s more, it was gaining momentum by the day.

However, testing times bring out the most innovative and creative sides of people. You have a choice to make, you can either sink or swim. And well, we weren’t about to let the slight inconvenience of a global crisis stop us in our tracks.

The beautiful thing about Homeadverts is that it was an idea conceived through experience, understanding and ultimately, a deep desire to bring about change. The world is very much a global playing field with property being a huge game for many everywhere yet somehow, this industry is being left behind. Correction. Was.

We experienced first hand how difficult, time consuming and expensive it was to reach simultaneous target markets outside the comfort of your own geographical boundaries. Not only that, but perhaps the biggest challenge was trying to establish yourself as a serious competitor and be seen to stand out in an already busy market.

Homeadverts - Proud to be Different

This is where Homeadverts comes in. Homeadverts offers a combined solution to serious real estate professionals and home buyers everywhere. This is a place where listings are translated in to eight world languages and published all around the world on local domains, allowing agents to showcase their portfolio in over 160 countries and allowing clients to search for property listed by global agents in the comfort of their own language.

A place where we will tell an agent’s story and present their brand like it has never been done before, offering clients a welcome and comforting insight into their services and allowing them to place their trust in what was previously unknown.

A place where we as a company are so passionate about quality, that all of our listings simply shine on our pages, making home searching enjoyable again.

And because we are proud to be different, we carefully select all our member agents so we can guarantee quality over quantity. Our ultimate goal is present the finest collection of real estate from around the world and present them to the global market, simply, elegantly and responsively.

The Driving Forces

At very core of Homeadverts is a small team of just three. We each come from very different backgrounds but have worked together for almost a decade and share many of the same frustrations and aspirations for the industry.

Tommy Håland, Founder, is the creative one. His brain never turns off and once he gets an idea in his head, focus, drive and determination are the order of the day. Originally from Norway with a long history in the oil industry, Tommy now lives in Alicante, Spain with his wife Ellen and two children. Spain has been home for 15 years, with the first 10 of those spent running his own successful international real estate agency. Now, he’s all about Homeadverts. Connect with Tommy personally on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Ellen Håland, Co-Founder and Head of Operations, is the meticulous one. Nothing happens at Homeadverts HQ without Ellen knowing the who, what, when and how. She possesses an incredible eye for detail which both ourselves and our clients appreciate beyond limitations. Also from Norway and with a background in the oil industry, Ellen’s role is to oversee and manage daily operations, client relations and of course keep husband Tommy in check. Connect with Ellen personally on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

And then there’s me. Lyndsey Kidd, Co-Founder and Commercial Director, face and voice of Homeadverts. I get to meet our wonderful clients, tell their story and present their fine homes as well as extend our market reach by establishing new professional relationships and strengthening the existing ones. Working from my native England, I also coordinate our fantastic international team and generally have a hands on approach the day to day goings on. Connect with me personally on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

How to get in touch

So that’s is in a nutshell. We look forward to connecting with you all so please reach out to us with any questions, queries or simply to invite us to join you for a glass of wine if you happen to be nearby!


Homeadverts Ltd

2nd floor, Quayside Tower, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HF

E-mail: hello@homeadverts.com