If you’re an agent or broker looking to list on Homeadverts, here’s our most commonly asked questions to help you get started. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Can anyone list on Homeadverts?

  • No. We have strict quality control procedures in place so that all listings meet our requirements as well as the expectations of our users. We evaluate all our agents and brokers carefully to ensure that we are compatible together and that we are able to provide you with the results you are expecting.

Do you accept listings from private sellers/landlords?

  • No. We do not allow advertisements from private sellers or landlords since we only work directly with agents/brokers who are bound by law to provide accurate information.

Do Homeadverts work with other publishers/listing portals?

  • No. In order to maintain our high quality requirements, to avoid listing duplications and out of respect for our members, we do not accept membership requests from other publishers or listing portals.

Is there any limit to the number of properties I can list?

  • No. You may list as many listings for sale/to rent as you like as part of the single monthly subscription fee. Please refer to our Advertise page for further information.

Does Homeadverts charge a commission?

  • No. We have a single, simple monthly subscription fee offering unlimited listings with absolutely no hidden extras.

Am I tied in to a lengthy contract?

  • No. You are free to cancel your membership at anytime after 30 days. Please refer to our Payment Terms and Terms and Conditions for further information.

How long does it take for my listings to go live on Homeadverts?

  • From initial enquiry to your listings going live, we aim to have you up and running within 7 working days.

How do I add my listings on to Homeadverts?

  • We work with a number of different partners and feed specifications allowing us to seamlessly import your listings from a data feed. Our partner list is constantly evolving so please contact us to find out more. If you work with your own data feed specification we can adapt our system to match or alternatively, if you do not work with data feeds you can add listings to your account manually. (You cannot do both).

Can I edit imported listings on Homeadverts?

  • No, a portfolio that has been imported in to Homeadverts can only be edited at source since we synchronise your data with our website daily. All updates or edits to your listings on your own system, will appear on Homeadverts within 12/24 hours.

Why are my listings not showing up on my profile?

  • Homeadverts matches listings on the site to an agent's profile using an email address. The email address given to us by your listing syndicator may be different to the one used by yourself to create your profile. This mismatch prevents the listings from appearing on your profile. We would recommend changing your registered email address on Homeadverts to match.

How do I receive property enquiries?

  • Clients can request information on a property either using the prefilled Homeadverts enquiry form, a copy of which will be e mailed to your registered address, or by any other means of contact as provided by you and displayed on your profile.

Is there a limit to the number of photographs and videos I can upload?

  • No, you may upload as many as you like. We don’t believe in limitations.

Why does my profile look different to other members?

  • Your profile features may vary if you are part of an affiliation/franchise publishing program with Homeadverts. Please check your account status for available options.

Can I choose my own profile image and cover photo?

  • Yes. In fact we encourage our agents to add an image to create as complete a profile as possible. You can add and edit your image at any time from your account settings. If you are importing your listings and your data feed contains a profile image this will be used as default. However, you can manually upload a new image if you prefer and any changes won’t be affected by your next listing synchronisation. Cover images are set as default and can be changed at any time.

Can I edit my profile information?

  • Yes, you can edit your contact information, profile picture, notification settings and other essential account information from your personal account area.

Do you write an editorial profile for all your members?

  • Yes all members are automatically eligible for an editorial profile, including translation in to all available and future languages, with the exception of members who are part of an affiliation/franchise publishing program with Homeadverts. These members should check their account status for available options.

Can I see any statistical information on my listings?

  • Yes. Please head to your Dashboard to see statistical and performance information on your listings. We also provide our software and syndication partners with traffic metrics and activity statistics according to their specifications.

My business is an affiliation/franchise, are there any special concessions?

  • Of course. Homeadverts offers attractive solutions for multi office operations of any size, from a few offices to thousands. Please contact us directly with the needs of your group and we’d be happy to discuss your options.

Can I feature my listings on Homeadverts?

  • No, not at the moment. But we’re working hard to bring you more options shortly.

Do Homeadverts offer the possibility to export my data to third parties?

  • No, not at the moment but this will be an available option in the future. We’ll keep you posted.

Will there be advertising near my listing information?

  • Third party advertising will be used on Homeadverts however we can guarantee you that there will never be any advertisements on your listing or profile pages from companies or services which would result in a conflict of interests.

If you still need help or your question isn’t covered here, please drop us a line at and we’ll get right back to you.