Payment Terms

Please read these terms carefully before using the online payments facility. Using the online payments facility on Homeadverts indicates that you accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms do not use this facility.

1. Account subscriptions

In order to list on Homeadverts you must apply for a listing account which carries a monthly subscription fee.

There is a minimum subscription period of 30 days which becomes effective immediately following the confirmation of your payment.

In the event that you cancel your account part way through a month, we operate a strictly no refund policy.

To avoid interruption in service, all accounts run on an automatically renewable basis according to the date of account upgrading with payment schedules based on a calendar month.

2. Payment

The billing of your subscription plan is made on secured web pages. All payments and bills are processed in your preferred currency as selected at registration. Should you need to change this at any time, you can do so from your account settings.

You can choose your preferred payment method via the Plans and Billing section of your account management pages. You are required to provide Homeadverts with accurate, complete and updated billing information, including a valid credit card number, expiration date and security code.

The billing of your subscription plan is made on a prepayment basis and once accepted, payment will automatically be taken within seven days of the beginning of your subscription period.

Each subscription period started must be paid for in full and will not be reimbursed. Should you choose not to advertise during your subscription period, you will not be entitled to request a refund or reimbursement of the value of your subscription.

Homeadverts does not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

Payment will appear on your statement as

3. Cancellation/Refund policy

You may cancel your subscription at anytime via your account settings page. Cancellations are processed immediately however should you choose to cancel part way through a payment period, you will be able to continue using your account until the current subscription period ends. There are no refunds or credits for partially used periods.

Homeadverts reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate your access to Homeadverts if you fail to comply with these Payment Terms or our General Terms and Conditions. In such case, Homeadverts will not provide you with any monetary reimbursement.

4. Price modifications

Homeadverts reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the subscription fee at any time. In such an event, Homeadverts will send notification of any price changes to the email address used to register your account at least 30 days before the price modifications are implemented.

Any price change will come in to effect on the date of your automatic subscription renewal. If you disagree with those price modifications, you may cancel your account at any time.

Please note that your cancellation has to be confirmed before the coming into force of the price changes, otherwise you will be deemed to have accepted those modifications.

5. Non Payment of subscription fee

In the event of non payment of a subscription, on the day of your renewal we will notify you by e mail that your account is in arrears. To allow you adequate time to arrange alternative payment, you are entitled to 7 days full working access of your account from the date of your notification of arrears e mail.

Should we not have received payment after the sixth day, you will receive email notification that your account user privileges will be deactivated within the next 3 days. After this time, your account will be cancelled. (CHECK THESE PROCESSES)

In the event that your account does run in to arrears, in order to continue with your account you must pay your outstanding balance in full and submit new billing information (where necessary) to ensure future automatic renewal. Your payment date will remain the same as per your original payment arrangement according to when your account was first created.

The Homeadverts Team