Whale Cay

25 047 039 sq.ft
USD 16 000 000
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Whale Cay, Whale Cay, BY

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Whale Cay is a Private Island located in the fishing mecca of the Bahamas, the Berry Islands consisting of a total acreage estimated to be between 711 acres and 850 acres. Situated between the Bahama Banks and the tongue of the ocean, the Berry islands have long attracted visitors who enjoy fishing and boating plus it has great proximity to Florida and is just 30 miles north of Nassau. The Island is primed for residential development, with 570 to 711 acres included in this listing, total acreage to be conveyed subject to final survey. There are 12 miles of shoreline and 13 white sandy beaches totaling 7 miles.
The island can be accessed by boat, seaplane or by the 4,000 foot paved airstrip. Chub Cay is just 5 miles to the west and is the main port of entry with customs, immigration, marina, restaurant, fuel and supplies.
Located on the northern side of Whale Cay is a two and a half mile long natural waterway approximately 25 feet wide with a depth of one and a half feet to four feet at mean tide. If dredged, the waterway could provide an excellent anchorage and marina for boats. The canal is open at both ends affording constant movement of water.
A plotted and surveyed subdivision in Phase 1 extends around the coastline in the southern section of the island comprising 155 lots most of which are one acre in size and of which 105 have ocean frontage. This subdivision was developed by a previous owner who sold or retains ownership of 80 of the lots in the mid-seventies. Some of these lots have been developed with single family residences.
Phase 2 is the second subdivision, consisting of 60 lots with preliminary government approval having been granted to be developed in the northern section of the island.
Total number of lots included in the offering are 75 lots in Phase 1 and all of Phase 2.
Included in the property being sold are a number of buildings such as The Great House, Guest Cottage, Music Room, Staff Dormitory, storage buildings, Museum, Laundry room, maintenance buildings, sea plane hangar, Lighthouse and more. Many of these buildings were built between 1930s-1970s by notable English writer Marion Carstairs, however most of the buildings have fallen into disrepair.
Electricity is provided by private diesel generators running the Great House and the ancillary buildings in the immediate vicinity. Each building has its own rainwater catchment cistern numbering 42 catchment tanks with a total estimated capacity of 800,000 gallons. Well water is also available on the island. Sewerage disposal is by private septic tanks. Telephone communication is via satellite phone or cellular phone.

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