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Preilos St, Preila

2.105 sq.ft
11.894 sq.ft
USD 1.067.513
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Preilos St, Preila, Neringa, Klaipėda County

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A newly erected, exquisitely decorated house (floor space – 195.57 m²) with adjacent land of 1105 m² by the Baltic Sea in the gulf of the Curonian lagoon, Neringa, only a few steps away from the beach. The straw roof that perfectly coexists with the more modern roofing reminds one of life by the sea shore and the fishing village traditions, while the light greyish wooden finish of the house harmoniously blends into the surrounding seaside environment. The well-considered arrangement of the house, with calm pastel colours and natural materials used in the interior, will allow the owners and their guests to feel comfortable and cosy. The high ceilings and large windows of the living room, the glazing of which forms one corner of the room, goes up to the ridge and gives an impression of spaciousness, allowing the internal space of the property to seemingly blend with the panoramic view outside the window and opening a view on the Curonian lagoon expanses to the horizon. There is a door to the terrace in the living room, where one can enjoy a sun bath on comfortable loungers in the warm months, while gazing at the sea. The room also has an impressively large fireplace with dark granite finish that will provide warmth in colder evenings and a feeling of cosiness when spending your time with your loved ones. There are bedrooms with separate bathrooms on the second floor of the house. The window and balcony of the master bedroom offer a view on the picturesque sunsets in the Curonian lagoon.

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