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Nengo nengo

Polinésia Francesa
96.875.412 sq.ft
USD 37.083.818
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Nengo nengo, Polinésia Francesa

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The Nengo Nengo atoll is located at about 100 km south west of Hao and at about 775 km east of Tahiti (A 2 hour private plane flight from Tahiti). This private Atoll has an oval shape, that is 13 km long and 8 km wide (at its widest point) with a total emerged surface land area of 9km2. It’s vast and stunning internal lagoon spreads over some 67km2 and for the past twenty years has been the breeding waters of one of the world’s most beautiful gems: The Tahitian Black Pearl. One of nature’s most extraordinary masterpieces, Nengo Nengo features its very own private landing-strip and infrastructures that previously accommodated some 80 workers. A monthly cargo ship rotation services the atoll with supplies. As is often the case in the Tuamotu Archipelagos, the lagoon is the main attraction with a breathtaking, ever changing mosaic of deep blue distinctly contrasted with the emerald green tones of the waters touching the myriad small islets that together form the coral reef in the middle of the vast Pacific ocean. White and pink sand beaches sparkle as the gentle courants lap at the beaches edge, making any stroll a wondrous, exalting communion with self and nature. A surprising particularity of this atoll is the ability to see all the atoll’s perimeters, regardless of the distances and point of view. Navigating within the lagoon waters is child’s play, providing an exceptional experience of pure pleasure. The joy of discovering Nengo Nengo, is truly an intertwining of the feelings of natural power, adventure, euphoria and ultimate liberty.
Nengo Nengo’s waters are densely populated with fish attesting to one of the many signs of the site’s natural riches and minimal human impact in this geographical region.
One of just a few totally private atolls, Nengo Nengo will distinguish the new owner, with a center position within a very privileged club of private atoll owners. A kingdom unto itself…..
It provides the opportunity for its owner to organize his life and life style exactly as he wishes……

The Nengo Nengo atoll is a rare opportunity to create a luxury resort, an aquaculture base and/or one of the world’s unique natural idyllic destination retreats

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