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Latviu St

40.704 sq.ft
132.934 sq.ft
USD 5.843.228
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Latviu St, Vilnius, Vilnius County

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A unique object ¬– Guest House Residence ¬– located in one of the most beautiful places ¬– in the residential area Žvėrynas in Vilnius – is offered for sale.
The residence was built in 1980 like a hotel for the top level officials. In this villa, presidents Mikhail Gorbachev, Richard Nixon, Lech Wałęsa, the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II, a spacewoman Valentina Tereshkova, the head of the Russian Orthodox church, Patriarch Alexy II were staying during visits.

The building with the area of 3,781 sq. m. stands on the land plot of 1,235 ha next to the river Neris surrounded by pine-trees.

Architecture of the building reflects the trends of modernism of the time and distinguishes itself for the exceptional attitude towards the natural context. The halls and areas of common use in the building invites to get inside the building which is filled with natural light and overlooks the magnificent views of nature.

The first floor has a cinema, a swimming pool, and residential rooms designed for the escort of high officials. The second floor has two conference halls – a big one and a small one, a reception for high ranking guests, a study and bedrooms.
There is a basement installed under the entire building. The territory is fenced and is secured, there is a guard post at the entry gate.

The object is unique for its exceptional privacy and is found in one of the most prestigious residential areas of the capital city at a few minutes’ walk from the city centre of Vilnius.

The best ways of using the object: a building for a family residence, for an agency of a foreign country, a hotel, a gambling house (casino), an institution for health improvement or a health care institution.

- Total area of the building: 3.781 m2; floors I and II – 2.591 m2, basement – 1.190 m2
- Purpose of the building: hotel
- The building is not an object of cultural heritage
- The approved detailed plan allows a reconstruction of the building to be carried out without reducing the existing intensity of the development of the land plot and the height of buildings
- Area of the land plot: 1,235 ha, the State Land Leasing Agreement expires in 2107
- Manner of use of the land plot: recreational territories
- Water, electricity, gas supply.

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