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Rantalinnantie 127

8 740 sq.ft
9 795 158 sq.ft
USD 7 304 036
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Rantalinnantie 127, Ruokolahti, 02, 56100

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A piece of Finnish national history, and a historically valuable property relating back to the Tzar Romanov family, is offered for sale. Originally built in 1912, the Rantalinna property, was to become the privat home of Prins Oldenburg, a member of the Royal Tzar family. Through many colourful stages, including the private home, a wartime hospital and the summer recidency for the Conductor Union, the property has been meticulously renovated to be a Petite Hotel or a fantastic big private residence. This property offers a unique opportunity to buy and live in a historically relevant Home of the highest order.
Being one of the finest examples of a jugend castle in Finland, Rantalinna was built in 1912 and the main building and the immediate properties around it are offered for sale. A total of 11 separate real-estate Ids and some 8-10 buildings are included in the commercial transaction, which also covers all historically relevant interiors and the equipment and furnitures to run an maintain a Petite Hotel. A total of 13 rooms, including 4 suites, provide the splendour of travel history, and is ideally suited to house a family reception, a wedding or a private party for up top 100 people.
The future for the property looks bright, as extensive enlargement plans have been prepared with the municipal, and a business plan with associated building plans and drawings, have been initiated to build a SPA with double the amount of bedrooms and capacity for running a Private SPA and Petite Hotel. The property is hence well suited to be owned and run privately, as well as further developed to meet the demands of services within a Luxury retreat.
The Ruokolahti area lies right on Lake Saimaa, and it is reachable by car, buses and boats, via the Saimaa canal. A total of ca 9,2 ha of land will be included in the overall commercial transaction.

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